Alphabetical List of Contemporary Carnival
Contemporary glass can be divided into three catagories; reissues (or reproductions), new patterns, and fakes. Reissues are items that are made from original molds, new patterns are carnival made from new molds (not made during the classic era), and fakes are items that are made to deliberately fool the buyer into thinking they are purchasing an older and presumably more valuable piece.
   indicates reissue.
A & W Root Beer Mug
Acanthus, Fenton
Acanthus Leaf, Imperial
Acorn Spooner, Mosser
Adobe tumblers, Federal
Angel candlesticks
Alley Cats, Happy Cats, Fenton
Aloha tumbler, Imperial
Alpine Thistle vases, Fenton
ACGA souvenirs
American Craftsman bells, Fenton
American Craftsman plates,

Angel candlesticks
Apple tree, Fenton
Atlantis vase, fairy lamp, Fenton
Autumn Oaks vase, Imperial
Ball and Swirl, Westmoreland
Ballerina pin or mint tray, Smith
Banjo Bottle, Hansen
Baroque covered jar, Fenton
Baseball, Hansen
Basketweave basket, Westmoreland
Beaded Diamonds tumbler
Beaded Flower fairy lamp, Fenton
Beaded Jewels, Imperial
Beaded Melon vase, Fenton
Beaded Shell
Beehive Honey Pot
Beer Garden stein, Federal
Bellaire Good Will Tour bowl
Bells for HOACGA, Fenton
Ben Franklin bottle, Hansen
Bicentenial items, Fenton
Bicentennial stein, Fenton
Bicentennial Eagle paperweight,

Bicentenial Eagle, Hansen
Bicentennial plates, Indiana
Bicentennial plates, Joe St. Clair
Big Cabin Tumbler
Bird in Cage covered jar
Bird and Flower tumbler, Summit
Bird, flying, Mosser
Bird mug, Mosser
Block and Daisy vase, Imperial
Blum Dept Store
Bonnie Blue bull dog door stop
Boston Baked Beans pitcher
Bottoms Up shot glass
Boxed Star vase, Imperial
Boyd cars
Boy/Girl bookends
Bud vases, Fenton
Buffalo Hunt, Summit
Butterfly, Westmoreland
Butterfly and Berry, Fenton
Butterfly and Berry fake
Butterfly and Lattice mug, Fenton
Butterfly and Tulip, Fenton
Butterfly Ornament, Fenton
Butterflies bon bon
Cactus, Fenton and others
Camel, Westmoreland, Summit
Cameo covered jars
Cape Cod
Caprise Vase
Card holder, Grape, Boyd
Carolina Dogwood
Cat on Stand, Fenton
Cherokee Strip Museum plate
Cherry Blossom, AA Imports
Cherry and Cable
Cherry and Lattice
Cherry Chain
Cherry Smash tumbler
Chessie covered jars, Fenton
Chicken Figurine, mini
Chicks plate, Westmoreland
Christ Died for our Sins plate
Christmas Compote
Christmas in America plates,

Christmas plates, Imperial
Chrysanthemum chop plates
Chrysanthemum Planter, Fenton
Chrysanthemum Sprig tumbler
Cockerel covered box, Imperial
Colgate Washboard
Colonial Cabin tumbler
Columbus Bell, Fenton
Corn vase, Imperial
Covered Jars
Cow butter mold
Crackle Spittoon, Gibson
Craftsman bell, Fenton
Craftsman plates, Fenton
Craftsman stein, Fenton
Crider, Terry
Cupid plate
Curtains, Fenton
Daffodil vases, Fenton
Dahlia pitchers and tumblers
Dancing Ladies
Daisy Basket
Daisy and Button
Daisy and Button, Hansen
Daisy and Diamond fairy lamp,

Daisy whimsey vase, Imperial
Daisy Wreath
Dance of the Veils
Deco Vase, Fenton
Diamond and Optic, Fenton
Diamond Point 4-toed vase, Imperial
Diamond Point Columns, Fenton
Diamond and Rib vases, Fenton
Dogwood vase, Fenton
Dolphin candlesticks, Imperial
Dolphin, covered
Dolphins vase
Dorothy Taylor
Double Dolphins compote, Fenton
Double Duce, Imperial
Dragon and Lotus
Drama (Masque) vase, Imperial
Drapery (Curtains), Fenton
Drape and Tie, Fenton
Dr. Fish's bottle, Hansen
Duck ashtrays
Duck, covered, Jeannette
Duck, covered, Westmoreland
Duck Head bookends
Dusty Rose tumblers
Eagle ashtray, Smith
Eagle lamp, Smith
Eagle & Star covered box
Eastern Star (#425), Imperial
Egg, new, Fenton
Elephant Mug, Imperial
Elephant Walk Vase, Fenton
Elks Paperweight
Elks plate, St. Clair
Elks watch, Summit
Elite vase, Fenton
Enameled Fairy Lamp, Fenton
Enameled Grape tumbler
Encore baskets, Fenton
English Hobnail, Crider
Eye cups
Eyewinker, Hansen
Faberge, Fenton
Fairy Lamp, Hansen
Falling Flowers tumblers, Federal
Fancy Flowers, Imperial
Fantail, Fenton
Fairy Tale plate
Feathers covered box, Imperial
Fenton's Flowers
Figure of Peg
File and Fan
Fine Cut and Grape, Fenton
Fish paperweight, Fenton
Fish Tumbler, John Cook
Fisherman's Mug
Flamingo Shot Glass
Floral and Grape
Floral (Daisy) Water Set
Florentine, Fenton
Flower, iridized
Flower Medallion
Flute mini water set
Flute Shot Glass
Four Seventy Four
Fox Hunt decorated tumbler
4108 covered jar, Fenton
Frank Fenton Birthday Plate
Frog paperweight
Frolicking Bears
Frosted Block, Imperial
Fruits #81 punch set, Westmoreland
Fruits and Flowers
Garden of Eden, Fenton
Generations, Fenton
Goblets, St. Clair
God & Home pitcher, tumbler, mug
God & Home for Dorothy Taylor
Goldfish Bell, Fenton
Good Luck, Fenton
Good Luck fakes
Good Luck souvenirs
Goose Girl, Smith
Gothic Arches vase, Imperial
Grape and Cable, Mosser
Grape, Encore
Grape, Wright
Grape and Cable reissues, Fenton
Grape and Cable fake butter
Grape and Cable fake hatpin holder
Grape and Cable lamp, Wetzel
Grape and Cable tumbler
Grape and Cable vase
Grape and Cable vase whimsies
Grape Delight fake nut bowl
Grape pattern, Gibson
Grape plate, St. Clair
Grapevine Lattice, Gibson
Hand pin tray, Boyd
Hand vase, Fenton
Hanging Cherries
Hanging Hearts
Hansen glass
Harvest Flower
Harvest Grape, Wright
Hawiian Tumbler, Imperial
Heart Box, Fenton
Heart compote, Fenton
Heart fairy lamp, Fenton
Heart and Vine, Fenton
Hearts and Flowers, Fenton
Heavy Grape, Fenton & Imperial
Heavy Iris
Heavy Pineapple, Fenton
Hen on Nest, Fenton
High Hob, Westmoreland
Hobnail, Fenton
Hobnail, Imperial
Hobnail Town Pump, Hansen
HOCCGA souvenirs, Fenton
Hobstar, Fenton
Hobstar & Feather, Fenton
Hobstar punch set, Imperial
Hobstar Nucut vases, Imperial
Hobstar cracker jars
Holly, Fenton
Holly Band, St. Clair
Holmes County Antique Festival
  tumbler, Imperial

Homestead, Imperial
Honey jar, Imperial and Boyd
Honey Pot
Hop-a-long Cassidy, Boyd
Horn vase
Horse vase
Hummingbird box, Fenton
Imperial Daisy whimsey vase
Imperial Grape
Imperial Jewels
Imperial pink vases
Imperial Rose repros
Indiana Harvest
Indiana Heirloom
Indiana, other
Insulator, Telephone Pioneers,

International Carnival Glass
   Association souvenirs

Inverted Fan and Feather
Inverted Strawberry, Hansen
Inverted Strawberry tumbler repros
Inverted Strawberry souvenirs
Inverted Strawberry, miscellaneous
Inverted Thistle
Ivy and Vine
Jack and Jill tumbler, Crider
Jaws (shark) paperweight
Jefferson Davis plate
Jewel and Flower tumbler

Jonquil vase, Imperial
Kite and Panel, Imperial
Lace vases, Imperial
La Bella Rose vase, Imperial
Lamb pieces, Imperial
Lamp pull
Leaf vases, Imperial and Smith
Leaf Medallion tumbler
LGW (Lausitzer Glas Werke) vases
Liberty Bell goblet, Imperial
Lily of the Valley, Fenton
Lily of the Valley vase, Summit
Lincoln Inn, Fenton
Lightning Stars tumbler
Lion covered box, Imperial
Lions, Fenton
Lions, footed, Imperial
Little Brown Church jar, Fenton
Little Joe water set, Summit
Loganberry Vases, Hansen
Loganberry vases, Imperial
Louis 14th, Imperial
Lovebirds bell, Fenton
Lovebirds paperweight, Fenton
Lovebirds planter, Fenton
Lovers Beer Glasses
Lustre Corn vase
Lustre Rose
Madonna bell, Fenton
Mammy (and Pappy) Shakers
Maple Leaf, Wright, Westmoreland
Mary Dugan
Mary and Jesus wall plaques
Mayflower, Imperial
Mayflower Vase
McKinley Northwood
Mermaid planter, Fenton
Milady, Fenton
"Mitered Ovals," Fenton
Monica tumbler
Monuments plates, Imperial
Moon Face medallions
Moon and Stars, Hansen
Moon and Stars, Smith, Weishar
Morgan Dollar plate
Morning Glory Mini Pitchers
Mother's Day plates, Fenton
Muddler, Fenton
Nation's Capital plate, Imperial
Nativity bell, Fenton
Naughty Nineties tumbler
Nona goblet, Imperial
Northwood, new
Nursery Rhyme mug, Imperial
Octagon reproductions
Ohio Flag paperweight
Ohio Star contemporary
Old Quilt, Westmoreland
Olde Virginia Glass, Fenton
Open Edge, Fenton
Open Rose
Orange Tree
Orchid Vase
Oval Pinwheel compote, Fenton
Owl covered jars, Imperial
  and Summit

Owls, Hansen
Owl paperweight, Viking
Owl Ring Tree
Paisley, Fenton
Pagoda covered jar, Fenton
Paneled Daisy, Fenton
Paneled Fruit, Fenton
Paneled Grape, Fenton
Paneled Grape, Westmoreland
Paneled Holly
Pansy, Imperial
Pappy (and Mammy) Shakers
Parrot Vase
Patriot Planter, Fenton
Peacock and Dahlia
Peacock, Water Set, Encore
Peacocks Garden vases
Peacocks vases, Fenton
Peacocks, Westmoreland
Peacocks fake bowls
Peacock Tail and Daisy, Levay
Penny Trust Co box
Persian Medallion, Fenton
Picnic basket, Westmoreland
Pie Wagon, Fenton
Pineapple, Fenton
Pink vases
Pinwheel compote, Fenton
Pinwheel tumbler
Pontiac Hood Ornament, Guernsey
Poppy lamp, Fenton
Poppy lamp, Fenton for Levay
Poppy relish, Fenton
Poppy Show vases
Presznick Museum mug, Imperial
Presnick Lamp
Princess Feather
Puritan compote, Fenton
Quilted Diamond lamp, Fenton
Rabbit Covered Bowl
Rambler Rose pitcher
Ram's Head, Imperial
Ram's Head paperweight
Regal Iris lamp
Ripple vases, Imperial
Road America tumbler
Robin, Imperial
Robin on Nest, Westmoreland
Rooster covered box, Imperial
Rose compote & candle holders,

Roses and Heart
Roses in Snow covered jar
Sailboat and Seagull Vase
Salz and Pfeffer shakers, Imperial
Santa bell, Imperial
"Scroll Embossed" vases, Fenton
Scroll Embossed, Imperial
Scroll & Eye compotes, Fenton
Scroll and Flower Panels vases
Seascape vase
Shell and Dolphin vase
Shriner reproduction
Signs, store
Silvestri vases
Singing Birds tumblers
Six sided box (A12), Imperial
Slewed Horseshoe, Smith
Smith plates
Snail on Stand
Spanish Lace compote, Fenton
Squirrel, covered
S-Repeat, Crider
Stag and Holly fakes
Star Cut tumbler, Imperial
Star and File, Imperial
Stein, Craftsman, Fenton
Stein, Westmoreland
Store signs
Stork and Rushes
Storybook mug, Imperial
Strawberry covered jars,
  toothpick holders, Fenton

Strutting Peacocks
"Studs" vase, Jeannette
Sundial vase, Imperial
Sunflower vase, Imperial
Sunflower pin trays
Suzanne bell, Imperial
Swallows bell
Swan candlesticks, Fenton
Swan, covered, Mosser for Levay
Swan bowl, Imperial
Swan mug and spittoon, Fenton
Swan, pastel
Swan vase
Swan three handle vase
Target Shooting Ball
Taylor, Dorothy
Templebells bells, Fenton
Texas Star paperweight
Three-in-one, Imperial
Three Fruits, Westmoreland
Three Moths, Fenton
Three Swans vase, Imperial
Thousand Eyes,

Thumbprint and Ovals vases,

Tiger Lily, Imperial
Tricorn vase, Imperial
Tulip vase, Fenton
Turkey, covered, Imperial
Turkey, covered, Smith
Turkey Toothpick Holder, Hansen
Twelve Days of Christmas plates,

Twin Dolphins compote, Fenton
212 compote, Imperial
Vintage miniature epergne,
  Fenton for Dorothy Taylor

Violin Bottle, Hansen
Westmoreland Kittens
Whale fairy lamp
Whirling Hobstar vases,

Whirling Star vases, Smith
Wild Strawberry candy jars,

Windsor Tumbler
Zipper Loop lamps, Imperial
Zodiac ashtray, Imperial
Zodiac, Imperial

Updated 6/30/2022