Daisy and Button, Various Makers
Daisy and Button was a traditional pattern in pressed glass, although little of it was made in Carnival during the classic era. However, the pattern has found its way into many contemporary pieces.
This is Fenton's design with a slotted lid that fits over two projections on the lid. Amethyst examples like this one sold for $28 and $62 on eBay in 2004; a celeste blue version in 2003 for $25. Here are a covered jar and a covered compote by Smith. These sell for $20 to $30 on eBay.
Fenton made this bell. In amethyst they sell for between $10 and $15 on eBay. These bowls are made by Smith, apparently from the same mold as the covered bowls. Sell for $20 to $30 on eBay. The punch sets are also by Smith, although they're not exactly the same pattern as traditional Daisy and Button--though similar. Bring $200 to $250 on eBay.
Toothpick holders are found in a wide variety of shapes. The first one, the top hat, is from Fenton's OVG series, though Boyd makes a similar item. The others are from several makers. Any can be found for under $15 on eBay--sometimes less than $10.
Quite a variety of shoes and slippers in the Daisy and Button pattern. The first one was made by Fenton although several makers make similar pieces. The bootie on the right is part of Fenton's OVG line. Any of these sell on eBay for $15 to $20. This pink roller skate sold for $6 at a live auction in 1999; the red slipper for $7 at the same auction. In 2018 a marigold skate brought $35.
Fenton made these candlesticks in the green shown here and in pink. They sell for $15 to $20 on eBay. This little hat in marigold is actually an ashtray. Note the slots on the rim for holding the cigarettes. It sold for $15 in 2017.

Updated 9/13/2019