Butterfly and Tulip Reissue, Fenton
In 2006, James Measell, historian at Fenton, sent me corrections to the text I originally had here. They add considerable detail that I might not have been able to share otherwise:

"Fenton now owns the original Dugan plunger, which would impart the Butterfly and Tulip motif to the interior of an item; they decided to make a scaled-down Butterfly and Tulip plunger. These are made with a diamond pattern from a mold recently recently acquired from Indiana Glass (rather than Inverted Fan and Feather). We do not have the No. 607 bowl mold, and I do not think it was available at the Wright auction; we might have found that the interior and exterior patterns would "fight" with each other as they do on some of the original Dugan pieces where the marigold spray on crystal is not very strong. These are part of Fenton's Landmark collection sold on QVC during 2005. This bowl is black glass and is treated with the marigold spray. On the underside of the marie the bowl is inscribed with the signature of Frank M. Fenton and the Landmark collection backstamp. There are five marigold/crystal examples in our gift shop today, 2/7/2006; The marigold varies in intensity and all have the 9-point crimp, although some are much deeper than others."
Bowls courtesy of Francis and Janet Tate.

Green, 190 (2011)

Lavender, 325 (2006)

Peach opal, 115 (2016), 150 (2019)

Purple, 170 (2008), 40 (2010), 190 (2014), 60 (2017), 100 (2018), 65, 70 (both 2020)

Red, 30, 45 (both 2010), 40, 45 (both 2016), 50 (2017), 60, 70 (both 2020)

Sapphire blue, 325 (2006)

Updated 11/17/2020