Strawberry, Wild Strawberry, Fenton

These very similar Fenton patterns were first issued in amethyst in the early 1970s. The 9-inch covered candy jar was named Wild Strawberry; the toothpick holder was called Strawberry.
Candy Jar, Wild Strawberry
Amethyst/purple. On eBay, these usually trade for between $30 and $40 with some bringing as little as $17 or as much as $44.

Marigold, 16 (eBay 2004)
Purple, 50 (2012)
Red, 55 (1999), 85 (2012)

Toothpick, Strawberry
Amethyst/purple. These sell on ebay for $10 to $15 but I've seen them sell for as much as $29 and as little as $5.

Updated 2/25/2017