Cape Cod, Imperial/Levay

Updated 11/10/2019

At one time, some collectors considered these items to be old Carnival Glass--and prices seemed to reflect that. The cruet shown here sold at a 1998 auction for $225: another one sold the same year for $130. In 2012, another sold for $33.

In 2018, a marigold cruet sold for $40. It was listed as Levay from 1997, 150 of 300 made.

In 2019 at the Bob Smith auction, an amethyst tumbler sold for $2.50; an amber for $2.50, a marigold for $12.50, and a white for $7.50.

Also in 2019, a smoke example sold at auction for $40.

In May 2004, Carl O. Burns sent me an email with the following information:

At the Imperial Convention in 1997, I had lengthy chats with several former Imperial employees, including the former plant manager & Lucille Kennedy, the long time Director of Marketing for Imperial. One of the things I asked her about was the Carnival Cape Cod items, as I at that time owned a Tumbler. Here's the info, straight from the "horses mouth" so to speak.

Imperial made ALL the iridized Cape Cod pieces in 1976. They were made one special order for Levay Distributing Company. None were trademarked. It was felt that it was not necessary to mark them, as they had never been made in "classic" Carnival. (And, in fact NO pieces in the Cape Cod pattern, in any type of glass, were ever trademarked.)
They made the following in iridized Cape Cod:
Cruets......300 in Marigold
Punch Cups......100 in Marigold
Tumblers......100 each in Marigold & Lavender
Total......600 pieces all made for Levay Distributing.

In 2013, King Hoppel sent me a photo of one of his two cruets incribed with "111-300 Levay 1977." This would seem to confirm the above comments and list.