Apple Tree Reissues, Fenton
There aren't too many of these tumblers around. I've seen a handful in this nicely iridized red, apparently made from the original mold but marked Fenton on the base. They sell in the $15 to $20 range as do green examples. The green pitchers were made for the Fenton collectors society and are valued at $30 to $50. Pitchers are also found in blue, and signed by a member of the Fenton family. In 2008, one of these blue pitchers brought $31 on eBay.

In 2010, a 5-piece water set in purple and signed by Shelly Fenton sold for $65. In 2011, a marigold pitcher with the Fenton mark but no signature sold at auction for $45. Also in 2011, a five-piece water set in purple sold for $45.

In 2012, a red pitcher brought $200 and a set of 6 red tumblers brought $10 each.

In 2016, a 7-piece water set in red sold for $155.

In 2017, a 5-piece water set in purple brought $90.

In 2019 a number of reissued Fenton Apple Tree items sold in the same auction:

Water set, 7 pc, red, $100.

Amethyst, $50
Blue, $2.50
Green, $2.50
Marigold, $2.50
Pink, $2.50
Red, $40

In 2021, a celeste blue water pitcher signed by W.C. Fenton, sold for $80.

In 2022, a 7-piece water set in yellow sold for $90 and one in red brought $130.

These two vases were part of a group of seven vases in various colors and configurations that sold in the same auction. Curiously, none seemed to have apparent iridization. The blue, above left, sold for $500, the green ruffled example brought $325. A jade green flared example sold for $600; a red with a straight top sold for $150; a flared example in vaseline opal sold for $325, and a flared ebony one brought $110.

Updated 8/27/2022