Thumbprint and Ovals Vase Reissues, Fenton
Using what is apparently the original Imperial mold, Fenton has made these 5--5 1/2 inch tall vases in these contemporary Carnival colors. The aqua opal and peach opal versions were made for the Lincoln-Land club in the late 1990s as souvenirs; the sapphire blue with hand-painted flowers was for the International Carnival Glass Association in 1989. Fenton calls the pattern Flute and Dot (#9050) and has also issued it in non-iridized colors. Aqua opal sell for $35 to $60, peach opal $20 to $30, and hand painted examples $30 to $40.

In 2016, a red opal example sold for $90.

In 2019, a blue vase, decorated by Linda Everson in 1989, sold for $45.

Updated 8/4/2019