Acorn Spooners, Mosser

Found on eBay mostly in amethyst and marigold with an occasional green showing up, these pieces are a new pattern without a corresponding pattern in the classic Carnival. They have an acorn theme and a twig handle. Sell for an average of about $25 although I've seen them for as little as $16 and as much as $40 on eBay. Color seems to make little difference in the selling price. As they are in current production, other colors could well be added. Several eBay sellers seem to have large quantities and offer them regularly.

In June 2004, Donna Adler sent me a scan of a page from a book published in 1956. It showed photos of 12 items of what had to be classic era Carnival. One of them was this acorn spooner, so apparently they were indeed made prior to the reissues. She adds, "Mosser never made any of their own molds and the majority of the molds they have are Dugan and Northwood. There are real Acorn Spooners out there somewhere but I doubt if we will ever find one among all the Mosser remakes."