Open Edge Basket Reissues, Fenton
Fenton's popular open edge baskets were reproduced in amethyst in 1970-1973 and in marigold in 1976-1977. Fenton also made red baskets for the Canadian Carnival Collectors Association in 1990. The fenton logos is on the basketweave part, not the base of these baskets. The club lettering is enameled in white--and easy to remove.

Baskets in amethyst or blue bring $20 to $30. Fenton also made baskets with attached handles, at least some for QVC. One in vaseline opal brought $90 at a live auction in 2000; handled baskets in purple bring $15 to $25. The green handled basket above sold on eBay in 2003 for $27.

This Open Edge spittoon in green opal sold in 2010 for $350. It was listed as having been from Frank Fenton to John Britt.

In 2016, a green opal JIP hat sold for $20.

Two vases in red, whimsied from the basket (dated 1990), sold for $45 in 2013. Red baskets sell for $20 to $30.
This one was quite a surprise. While strolling through eBay in late 2011, I came across this red candleholder based on the classic Fenton Open Edge ruffled baskets. I'd not seen this variation before. Note that it has three little feet rather than the usual collar base. It sold for $23.25.

Other items
Bowl, 7-inch round flared, Ice green opal, $70 (2017)
Spittoon, large, vaseline opal, 15 (2017)

Open Edge classic

Updated 1/22/2018