New Good Luck, Fenton, Others
Fenton apparently had two molds for their contemporary Good Luck pieces. The larger was used to make the 12-inch platters, shown on the left. They have a heavily stippled background, and have a butterfly above the horseshoe. These are in amethyst and were made in limited editions in 1991. They sell from $100 to $125 on eBay. The smaller mold is used to make ruffled bowls in several colors, including the lavender shown on the right. These sell for $25 to $35 on eBay. Fenton also used this mold to make green ruffled bowls for Singleton Bailey. Those sell for $30 to $50 on eBay. Actually Fenton has three molds. The third size was used to make HOACGA souvenir plates.
The deep round bowl in red at the left sold for $85 in 2016. It listed as Westmoreland for Levay--though I'm skeptical of that attribution.

Two chop plates sold in 2016. One in aqua opal for Levay in 2004 brought $50 and one in Red for Levay (with a crimped edge) made in 2005 sold for $30. In 2017, another aqua opal chop plate sold for $40.

In 2019, a lavender chop plate sold for $35 and a red chop plate brought $10.

I'm not sure who made the plate at the left; it certainly appears to be from the Fenton mold. The eBay seller claimed it was a Levay item complete with Levay's frog logo. In any event, it's red and brought $71 in 2008.

Classic Fenton Good Luck
Classic Northwood Good Luck

Updated 11/18/2019