Slewed Horseshoe (Pinwheel), Smith/Rosso
This is a curious pattern. The original Slewed Horseshoe was thought to have been made by Iittala of Finland--possibly from a mold from U.S. Glass. Now we find a very similar pattern made in the U.S. by Smith. It's found in purple items in a flared (about 11 inches) and rosebowl shape. The box label shown at the left identifies it as Smith. They call it Pinwheel. These sell on eBay for $30 to $40.
This photo is from the Rosso website and shows the Slewed Horseshoe pattern (that they call Peacock). It appeared in June 2004 and the color shown is what they call Hunter Green. I suspect that these were made for them by Smith. Rosso has a retail price of $40 on these bowls.