Zodiac, Imperial

Imperial made two shapes in their Zodiac pattern. The covered jar is 10 inches tall to the top of the finial and has signs of the Zodiac around the sides, lid and base. It is Imperial pattern #619 and made in marigold (Rubigold), smoke (Peacock), Azure Blue, and white. In marigold they are worth $15 to $25; in smoke $20 to $30. An Azure blue example sold at a live auction in 2004 for $35. In 2014, ice blue sold for $30, marigold for $20, and smoke for $15 and $20.

The open compotes have the Zodiac signs around the sides. They were made in marigold and smoke and one listed as purple sold in 2012 for $35 and aother in 2021 for $70. Marigold are worth $10 to $15; smoke $15 to $25.

Updated 1/26/2021