Pony Contemporary

These reproductions are particularly difficult to tell from the originals as they are made from the same molds and not marked. Sometimes, as shown here, the iridescence is very shiny and metallic looking, but some are very well iridized. Pieces iridized on the collar base are new. Plates, whether amethyst or marigold, sell for $20 to $35; bowls in any color, $15 to $20 although one in aqua opal brought $80 in 2016. Said to have been made by L.G. Wright.
For those of you interested in knowing the origins of the reproduction Pony pieces, Donna Adler has uncovered some great information. Here's what she says. "LG Wright ran Master Catalogs and then they would run supplements for any added items. I finally got ahold of the right supplement with the Pony bowls in it. The scan is from a 1976 supplement."
Levay has reissued the Pony items in a variety of shapes and contemporary colors including this experimental cupped in bowl.
Another Levay Pony bowl, this one in red with ruffled and crimped edges. It was made in 2004 and numbered 9/100. It brought $30 in 2015. A red plate of the same vintage sold for $35 at the same auction.

in 2016 a 9-inch red plate, noted as 3 of 100, sold for $30.

In 2020, an aqua opal bowl from 2006 sold for $75.

In 2021, a marigold ruffled bowl sold for $30 and a purple ruffled bowl brought $35.

Updated 3/13/2021