Double Dolphins (Twin Dolphins), Fenton
The design dates to the depression era when several molds from earlier dates were revived. Fenton then used the mold for it's contemporary Carnival beginning in the 1970s. These purple examples are worth between $15 and $25. An amberina stretch compote with four sides up sold on eBay in 2004 for $50 and a purple one with hand painting sold for $26.

In 2016, compotes in purple sold for $10 and $15 while a fan vase in red brought $25.

In 2017, a fan vase in red brought $30 at auction.

In 2018, a pair of 4-inch candleholders in pink sold for $15.

In 2019, a lidded candy jar in Velva Rose sold for $10.

In 2021, a red compote sold for $35.

Hartung Book Three: Double Dolphin

Updated 5/22/2021