Gothic Arches Vase Reissues, Imperial
As scarce as the classic era vases are, the reissues seem to be even more so. Re-issued in ice blue and yellow. An ice blue is shown here with a 14-inch classic era marigold example. The reissues are marked on the interior of the base with a very, very faint IG, difficult to see unless the light is just right. One in ice blue sold at a 2011 auction for $25.

In 2016, an ice blue example listed as 10 inches sold for $35.

Gothic Arches classic

Updated 1/17/2018

The yellow reissues are even more scarce than the ice blue. Jimmy Griffin kindly sent us this photo of his newly-purchased yellow example. He reports that yes, it does have the very faint IG mark on the interior of the base. Actually, the yellow examples could be described as ice yellow, rather than pale yellow, as the glass is a deep yellow with pastel iridescence.