Orange Tree Contemporary, Fenton
Fenton has used the Orange Tree pattern on the exterior of bowls, usually with Cherry Chain on the interior and on footed bowls with six holders for candles; one of these in amethyst sold in 2022 for $25.

A rosebowl in purple sold at live auction for $40 in 2013; a 7 1/2 inch rosebowl with the Cherry Chain interior sold on eBay in 2003--for $61. An ice blue rosebowl with Cherry Chain interior sold at live auction in 1999 for $25. The purple candle-holder bowl above sold for $61 on eBay in 2004; another sold in 2003 for $45. Pairs of candleholders like that at the left sell for between $20 and $30.

In 2020, a contemporary Orange Tree rosebowl in amethyst sold for $10.

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Updated 1/7/2022