New Northwood, Grape and Cable
According to Glen and Stephen Thistlewood, these 8-inch tall vases were commissioned by David McKinley in 1998. McKinley is a Northwood family descendant and he wished to recreate the Northwood Glass Company. He had Island Mould Company make the moulds and Fenton create the glass. The vases had several versions of the tops, two of which are shown here. There was a variety of colors. A blue vase like the one on the left sold in 2011 for $35. In 2015, the vase on the right was offered on eBay and quickly rose to $244, then fell back when the seller revealed that it was contemporary glass. However, it eventually sold for $434.75.

In 2011, a crystal satin vase sold for $30, and one in lavender satin brought $95.