Cherry Chain Reissues, Fenton

This aqua opal banana boat-shaped basket with crimped edge sold in 2016 for $75. The same year other aqua opal baskets sold for $65 and $70 while a round crimped bowl in aqua opal brought $45. A deep crimped rosebowl in aqua opal sold for $165.

Fenton reissued its Cherry Chain pattern in large bowls, chop plates made from the large bowl mold, and rosebowls. The pattern on the back is Orange Tree. Ruffled bowls in red and aqua opal are the most often seen; chop plates are hard to find. On eBay, sellers often don't mention that these have the Fenton mark, so people buy them as old. I also have seen a rosebowl on which the Fenton mark has been ground off.

Chop plates
Aqua opal, 175 (1996), 225 (2002), 60 (2014), 100 (2020)

Bowls, 10 inch
Aqua opal, 55 (1997), 55 (2013)
Blue, 45 (2012)
Purple, 45 (2012)
Red, 38 (1997)
Red, 73 (eBay 2004)

Blue, 80 (2013)
Purple, 10-15
Purple, not indicated as new, 103 (eBay 2004)
Red, 28 (1997)

Classic Cherry Chain

Updated 12/12/2020