Ripple Vase Reproductions, Imperial
Imperial reissued its popular Ripple vases, made from the original molds with 3- or 4-inch bases. The only colors I know of are the these marigold, pink, and smoke; all these have the 4-inch base. The pink is marked LIG, the others IG.

These reissued vases are worth $10 to $20 in marigold and $15 to $25 in smoke. The pink example sold for $55 in 1999.

In 2018, a pink marked LIG sold for $40.

In 2020, a 9 1/2-inch example in smoke sold for $10.

In 2021, a 12 1/4-inch example in pink, marked LIG, brought $130. A similar example sold for $75, also in 2021.

Classic Ripple

Updated 9/27/2021