Harvest, Indiana
Indiana Glass Company of Dunkirk, Indiana, made a huge amount of glass for the mass market beginning in the 1970s--none of it marked. Harvest was their most popular pattern and consists of a grape theme with leaves. While these pieces do show up at live auctions, the real market is ebay, where dozens of pieces sell every day. If you're buying, you can be choosy as so much is available.
Water sets
These sets, with a pedestaled pitcher, can be found with either tumblers or the goblets shown. Blue sets with 4 goblets bring $30 to $40, amber a little less. Blue sets with 4 tumblers sell for $40 to $50. Individual pitchers in blue bring $15 to $20. Amber is a little less.

Tumblers, regardless of color, sell for between $5 and $10.

Princess punch sets
The typical set comes with the 12-inch bowl, 12 handled cups, 12 plastic hooks, and a plastic ladle in matching color. Found in amber, blue and the green shown. Complete blue or green sets sell for $60 to $90, amber $40 to $60.
Covered sugar and compote
The sugar container has an open edge for holding spoons. The covered 10 1/2 inch compote is seen mostly in blue but amber is known. Blue sell on ebay for between $10 and $15. The covered sugar bowls bring $20 to $35 in blue. An item called a Wedding Bowl, similar to the compote but without a lid, brings $15 to $20 in amber.
These short candleholders in blue bring from $15 to $25 for a set of two on ebay.
These items are found in three sizes; the smallest about 6 inches to the top; the medium size a little over 7 inches, and the large about 8 1/4 inch (rare). In amber the medium sell for $8 to $12 on ebay; the blue medium size ones for $15 to $20. A large one recently sold for $208.
Creamer and sugar
The complete set has the undertray, although they're sometimes found without one. In either blue or green, the sets sell for about $20 on ebay.
Four tumblers were sold as a Cooler Set with 4 14 oz glasses. Sets in blue bring $30 to $40; in amber about $20.
Butter dish
Blue butter dishes bring $15 to $25.
Donna Adler, who follows Indiana Carnival Glass closely, sent the following message in September, 2003:

The Harvest Center Bowl is correctly identified by 90 percent plus sellers on Ebay. Every once in a while an uninformed seller will crop up and he is very quickly squashed. I agree, the center bowl sells in the 10 to 20 dollars range because it is common. The same goes for Dugan nappies in marigold, the Imperial Rose pattern in marigold, etc, etc. They sell in about the same price range yet a few collectors will bid more for them. You would not advise people to use them as throw away items that can easily be replaced. If the Harvest pattern is not treated with reasonable care it too may be very scarce when it is 90 plus years old.

The Harvest pattern does have it's rarities too. The large and the medium canisters in blue carnival are very scarce. They were only made for a short amount of time and there are not enough of them around for everyone to have a complete three canister set. The small canister is PLENTIFUL as it was made for a 7 year period. In pictures, it is difficult for the non-Harvest collector to see the difference between the canister sizes. It is not unusual for the large canister to sell in the 150.00 to 200.00 dollar range on ebay and the medium canister will go for 100.00 or more. Not ALL the Harvest pieces are available in abundance as you suggest. Perhaps you are confusing these larger canister auctions with the small canister???. The small canisters sells for about 10.00 to 15.00 dollars on Ebay

I have seen some Australia auctions where WOW, common pieces of the Harvest have gone high. But some of the auctions for Harvest items go high for a reason, they are hard to find. The complete snack set in lime green carnival is another example and also the Console set in green. The green tumblers are a toughie too. Supply and demand will always dictate price even for the Harvest pattern. Most Harvest collectors know what they are doing, I talk to many daily. I have a waiting list for the large and medium canisters in blue. If you have a stash of them somewhere, let us know! You would make some Harvest collectors VERY happy!