Cactus, Fenton, St. Clair, Others
Fenton made the Cactus pattern for Levay in aqua opal in 1979 and red in 1982. Cruets sold in 2014 for $75 and 2015 for $55. The 6-inch spittoon sold at auction in 2004 for $80; another in 2015 for $$50. The red basket sold on eBay in 2004 for $204 another in 2015 for $30 and another in 2016 for $55.

The aqua opal cruet (250 made) sold for $45 in 1999; a similar on eBay in 2003 for $225.

In 2016, an ice blue tumbler sold for $25, a marigold for $20, a purple for $25, a red for $20, a vaseline for $25, and a white for $5. In 2019 a blue tumbler brought $8, an ice blue $5, a marigold $5, a red $5 and a vaseline $5.

Toothpick holders were made by Fenton in aqua opal for Levay; they sell for $15 to $25 on eBay. Many toothpick holders are unmarked like the red example shown here, and some are marked for Summit (a "V" in a circle) like the amethyst one here. These sell for $15 to $20.

Shakers are also known. Some of these were iridized by St. Clair but as they are long out of business, the molds may well rest elsewhere. A set of blue shakers by St. Clair sold at live auction in 2004 for $35; an amethyst set, unmarked, for $32 on ebay in 2004, along with a toothpick holder.

The jack-in-the-pulpit vase in red on the left, apparently made from the toothpick holder, sold in 2012 for $75. The Cactus 7-piece water set by Fenton in aqua opal sold in 2013 for $625 and in 2017 for $250. In 2016, a water set like that above but with just 5 tumblers sold for $325. In 2020, an aqua opal water pitcher brought $50.

Other items that sold in 2016 and 2017:

Banana boat whimsey, red, 45

Bowl, ruffled, red, 20

Covered jar, red, 45

Covered cracker jar, red, 95

Creamer and sugar, red, 55

Cruet, red, 20

Goblet, aqua opal, 50

Water pitcher, aqua opal, 180

Rosebowls, aqua opal, 40, 50, 70

Spittoon, red 75

Sugars, covered, aqua opal, 40 & 120

Toothpick holder, red, 15

In 2019 a red cracker jar sold for $55, a red 5 1/2" vase with spittoon shape top sold for $55, and a 7-piece water set in aqua opal brought $190.

Updated 11/17/2020