Imperial Rose Reproductions
Water sets were reissued by Imperial in marigold (Rubigold), smoke (Peacock), both marked IG, this cobalt blue (marked ALIG) and a rare yellow (also marked ALIG from 1982). This blue 5-piece water set sold at live auction in 2004 for $135.

Water sets, 7 pieces
Blue, 90 (1998)
Green, 45 (2016)
Marigold, 120 (1999), 75 (2012), 25 (2016)
Smoke, 50 (2012)
Smoke, 9 piece, 30 (2017)

Marigold or smoke, 25-30

Blue, 10-15
Marigold, 5-10
Smoke, 10-15
Vaseline, 5 (2018), 10 (2019)
Yellow, 12 (1998)

Vase from tumbler, 11-inch
Smoke, 200 (2016)

Rosebowl, large
Green, 15 (2018)
Smoke, 15 (2019)

Lustre Rose
In 2020, a large ruffled fruit bowl in smoke identified as Lustre Rose sold for $20,

These photos show a potpourri of reproduction Open Rose and Lustre Rose pieces. Top left are bowls in teal (7 3/4 inch) made by Smith and an Imperial (LIG) cobalt (6 1/2 inch) in the shape of a fernery. Top right is a blue three-piece table set (the only way the new sets come) marked ALIG. Bottom left is an Open Rose three-in-one edged bowl in marigold on moonstone. It is believed that this was a prototype made for Sears Roebuck and ultimately rejected by them. The small whimsies were purchased at Imperial's company store. Imperial's molds have passed through many hands and new versions and colors are still being made.
Ferneries were reissued by Imperial in cobalt (Aurora Jewels), white, pink, and Meadow Green. The white example at the left sold on eBay in 2003 for $40. One in blue sold in 2008 for $25 and one in white in 2009 for $20. In 2012, another white example sold for $3, all at live auctions. In 2021, a blue sold for $10.

Bowls are the most frequently seen pieces in this pattern. They are found in a variety of edge treatments, colors, and makers. Most are now selling for $10 to $15.

Table set pieces (butter dish, sugar bowl, creamer) are found in a variety of colors, some made by Imperial, some more recently. Regardless of color, they sell in the $15 to $25.

Large Plates, about 10 1/2 inches, were reissued by Imperial in ice blue, marigold (Rubigold), smoke (Peacock), and pink. Auction sales are currently $25 to $35.
In 2006, Michael Samuels sent me this photo of his Imperial Rose bowl in marigold on milk glass (not moonstone). Quite unusual.

Updated 7/26/2019