Corn Vase, Imperial
About 9 inches tall. Part of Imperial's Aurora Jewels line (a deep blue iridized glass). While made by Imperial, I'm told that they did not own the mold. This one sold for $115 in 1997, another in 1999 for $40. On eBay they bring $30 to $60. Smith apparently now has the mold and makes them in purple (Royal Plum). These sell on eBay for $30 to $45. A white example, said to have been made by Smith, sold for $35 in 1998.

In 2012, a vase in green sold for $135, one in marigold for $145, and one in smoke for $135. All were Imperial.

In 2017, a pink example sold for $20 and teal for $35, both said to be Imperial. A white vase made by Smith brought $85.

In 2018, an Imperial blue example sold for $20.

In 2020, a purple example sold for $40.

Updated 5/15/2020