Inverted Strawberry Souvenirs
Inverted Strawberry was used as the pattern on small spittoon souvenirs for several clubs including the American Carnival Glass Association. That club also used the pattern on handled baskets, bells, fairy lamps, salt and pepper shakers, and creamers and covered sugars.

ACGA 1990 fairy lamp
Red, 20-35

ACGA 1991 handled basket
Red, 45 (1997), 25 (2005)

ACGA 1992 bell
Red, 20 (1999)

ACGA 1993 spittoon
Red, 40-80

ACGA 1994 shakers
Red, 20-30

ACGA 1995 covered compote
Red, 25 (2004)

Classic Inverted Strawberry
New Inverted Strawberry tumblers
New Inverted Strawberry miscellaneous