Holly Band, St. Clair

I've never seen these tumblers with any marks, but they were indeed made by Joe St, Clair. Mostly they're seen in cobalt, but I know of them in ice blue, red, marigold, and white. Can be found for about $10, though red may bring $15 to to $20. The little toothpick holders are quite common as well. They're seen in cobalt, ice blue, amberina (shown above) and a few other colors. Except for the amberina, which sold for $30 in 1999, they're worth about $10. Summit now apparently has the mold and is making them in other colors. Also worth $10.

Creamers are based on the toothpick design, but taller and with a spout and handle. In aqua, they sell for $25 to $30.

Mugs are much like the creamer, but without the spout. In aqua or ice blue, they sell for between $10 and $20.