Stag and Holly Fakes
On the left is a new red ice cream shaped bowl. They are not iridized--at least I've not seen any that were. They differ most distinctly from the original Fenton version (on the right) in that the stag does not have its tongue sticking out and the head in the fake is somewhwat further from the holly. Furthermore, while the elements are approximately the same, the details within them differ quite a bit.
The backs are similar as well. The biggest difference is the slightly smallar collar base.

At the left is one of the other widely seen fakes. It is courtesy of A&A Importing in the same colors as they did the Butterfly and Berry fakes--white, opal, and purple. Note that these bowls are made with the ruffling molded into the shape, rather than as handwork after the bowls were made. The glass is quite thick.

One of these sold in 2022 for $40

Updated 2/19/2022