Ram's Head Bowl and Candlesticks, Imperial
Only in cobalt (Aurora Jewels), these are some of the most desirable of the Imperial reissues. The bowls are quite large, about 9 inches; the candlesticks are about 6 inches tall. They're occasionally found in a console set of the three pieces and make a stunning display. Bowls have sold for as much as $150 at live auctions but are more realistically priced at $30 to $50. The candlesticks are a bit more difficult to find, mostly because they aren't often identified correctly. In 2013, a bowl brought $40 and in 2014, a pair of candlesticks sold for $15.

In 2016, a single candlestick in azure blue sold for $10.

In 2017, console sets in azure blue sold for $30 and $45.

Updated 1/23/2018