Rarities and Whimsies in Carnival Glass,
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Acorn plates

Acorn compotes

Acorn vases

Apple Blossom Twigs, ice blue

Apple Tree vases

Big Butterfly

Big Fish whimsies

Big Thistle punch bowl

Birds and Cherries chop plates

Blackberry Bark vase

Blackberry Block pitchers in vaseline and white

Blackberry Open Edge vases

Blackberry Wreath

Brooklyn Bridge unlettered

Butterfly and Berry

Butterfly and Corn vase

Chrysanthemum chop plate in green

Cobblestones chop plate

Columbia rosebowl

Cosmos and Cane volcano whimsey

Country Kitchen

Daisy Cut Bell, ruffled

Daisy Wreath vase

Diamond Lace rosebowl

Diamonds spittoon shape

Diamond and Rib

Double Dutch spittoon

Double Star spittoon


Elks nappy

Elks bell, Portland

Feathered Serpent spittoon

Fenton Fern

File spittoon

Filigree vase

Five Hearts rosebowl

Fleur de Lis

Flowering Vine

Fluted Scroll

Frolicking Bears

Gay Nineties

Goddess of Harvest

Enameled Good Luck bowl

Grape Arbor pitcher in blue

Grape and Cable

Grape Wreath spittoon

Greengard advertising

Hanging Cherries milk pitcher in blue

Heavy Grape, Dugan

Heavy Pineapple

Hobstar and Feather

Holly plate in red

Honeycomb and Hobstar vase

Imperial Grape spittoons

Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Inverted Feather pitcher

Inverted Strawberry milk pitcher in purple

Linn's Mums

Lotus and Grape enameled

Many Ribs vase

Morning Glory, Millersburg

Multi-fruits and Flowers pitchers

Nautilus banana boat

Nesting Swan in blue

Night Stars nappy

Ohio Star swung vases

Olympic compote

Orange Tree whimsies

Orange Tree Orchard vase

Pacific Coast Mail Order bowl

Paneled Dandelion vase

Paneled Holly pitcher

Paneled Treetrunk vase

Peacock whimsies, Millersburg

Peacock at the Fountain rosebowl shape

Peacock and Urn plate in amethyst, Fenton

Peacocks in powder blue slag

Peoples vases


Persian Medallion whimsies

Picture Frame

Pipe Humidor

Poppy salver

Poppy Show plate in aqua opal


Queen's Lamp

Rays and Ribbons whimsies

Rosalind jelly compotes

Rose Columns vases

Roses and Greek Key

Rose Pinwheel

Rustic vase with penny in base

Seaweed sauce in blue


Stippled Diamonds, Millersburg

Superb Drape vase


Three Row vase

Tornado vase whimsies

Town Pump in marigold

Tree Trunk in
blue slag

Tropicana vase

Trout and Fly plate

Tulip compote, Millersburg

Two Fruits


Vintage Hobnail sauce in blue

Water Lily rarities

Wheat, Northwood

Wild Blackberry plate

Wildflower, Millersburg


Woodpecker and Ivy vase

Zippered Heart