Many Ribs

This exquisite vase is the only one known. It's in aqua opal and is 7 1/2 inches tall with a 3 1/16 inch base that is slightly domed. The maker is unknown, but Northwood is a possibility because of the aqual opal color. In the collection of Don and Becky Hamlet.
This photo was sent to me in 2019 by Laura Miller who had obtained it from someone else. It shows another example in aqua opal and one in what the accompanying text suggested is canary opal. Neither of these pieces appear to me to be iridized.The text also speculated that they were made by National Glass Co. (Model Flint Works) based on shards found at the site. Made about 1901 based on trade reports. I'm not convinced about how accurate this information is.

Thanks to Philip Burton for the above information on this rare vase.

Updated 11/29/2020