Paneled Holly, Northwood

Mostly seen in green bon bons or candy dishes such as on the right in the right-hand photo. The pitcher on the left is the only known iridized example: in purple, it is in a Wisconsin collection. It sold in 2022 for $12,000. The spooners, as in the right photo at front, are almost as rare: this green example, the only one known in this color, sold for $300 in 1998. A marigold spooner, also the only one known, sold the same year for $425. In 2017, another spooner in marigold (possibly the same one) brought $225.
Hartung Book Two: Paneled Holly Bonbons or candy dishes

Green, 10, 15, 20 (2015), 10 (2016)

Marigold, 30 (2013), 65 (2022)

Sugar (probably the spooner)

Green, 325 (2006), 10 (2020)

Marigold, 225 (2017)

Updated 12/15/2022