Heavy Pineapple, Fenton

A rare pattern found on the exterior of 10 inch footed bowls. Marigold, blue, amber, and white are known. An amber example sold for $500 in 1999; a marigold for $2,800 in 2000 and in 2008, another in marigold sold for $275. In 2009, a ruffled blue bowl sold for $1,100 and in 2010 a marigold bowl brought $550. In 2012, a marigold ruffled fruit bowl sold for $600. The above blue example has spectacular iridescence on the front.

In 2007, Fenton reissued the pattern in a three-piece water set in black with satin marigold iridescence.

In 2017, a chop plate whimsey in blue sold for $525 and a ruffled fruit bowl in marigold brought $675.

Hartung Book Nine: Heavy Pineapple

Updated 12/27/2017

In 2006, Linda Stumbo sent me this photo of her Heavy Pineapple rose bowl in blue. I was not aware that this rare pattern had been made in this shape but, indeed, here is an example.