Orange Tree Rarities, Fenton

Above left is one of the two known Orange Tree plates in aqua opalescent--showing both front and back. Courtesy of John Mikkonen. On the right is an unusual variation of the Orange Tree pattern with daisies within the central band rather than the alternating basketweave and floral theme. Note also that there are only three trees and that the sawtooth edge is much different than in the regular Orange Tree pieces. One is also known in blue.
The blue whimsey above left was made from a standard hatpin holder, but with the top cupped in just below the flames--which have been pulled out rather than cupped in. It is the only one known. From a midwest collection, it sold in 2022 for $16,000. in the middle is a hatpin holder with straight-up tips. Most unusual. Found in 2014 by friends of Carl and Eunice Booker. The vase is made from a blue punch bowl base that has been ruffled. I know of only three of these. One, in blue, sold for $1,200 in 2004.
This Orange Tree powder jar in chocolate sold for $2,600 in 2018. Photo courtesy of Burns Auctions.
The syrup or small jug whimsey at the left was made from a mug. It's in blue and sold at the November 22, 2003 auction of Jack Adams glass for $5,000.
In 2014, Linda Wease sent me this photo of a marigold Orange Tree mug with a ruffled rim that she had recently found. I don't recall seeing any others with this shaping.

Orange Tree