Plums and Cherries (Two Fruits), Northwood
When this page was constructed in 2005, these two pieces were thought to be the only examples known in this rare pattern in Carnival. The blue tumbler is courtesy of the late Cecil Whitley. The spooner, in purple, is courtesy of the late Bob and Geneva Leonard. The opposite side of the pieces displays the plums. Northwood produced an extensive line in this pattern prior to the Carnival era. The tumbler sold in 2010 for $3,000. In 2012, a blue sugar base sold for $325.

In 2019 the blue tumbler sold at the Bob Smith tumbler auction for $3,500.

The Leonard spooner on the right, listed as a sugar bowl in blue, brought 1,700 in 2017.

Awen Rowan-Nelson sent me these two photographs of a Plums and Cherries spooner in cobalt blue she had recently purchased from another collector. Typical of the pattern, it has strong rich, iridescense. She paid $860 for it.

So it would appear that there are several known pieces in the pattern.

Marigold tumbler iridized by Terry Crider, Bob Smith auction

Updated 8/19/2022