Persian Medallion Rarities, Fenton
Above is an extremely unusual whimsey. It's a 7 1/2 inch plate made from the same mold as used for the rosebowl--with the Persian Medallion pattern on the exterior and swirled ribs inside. Courtesy of Betty Cloud.
Above is a small spittoon in green. Here the pattern is on the inside with the exterior plain. Apparently made from the small bowl mold. Courtesy of Don and Becky Hamlet.
These two photos show the top and bottom of a hair receiver. What's interesting here is not the piece itself, but the original store sticker on the bottom with a price of 10 cents. It reads, "The City 5 and 10 Store, 80 North Main St, Harrisonburg, Va." This means that to make a profit on the piece, Fenton would have had to produce it for about 2 cents. Courtesy of Bill and Sharon Mizell.

Persian Medallion