Venetian, Cambridge or Millersburg

Not many of these spectacular 9-inch pieces around. Usually referred to as a rosebowl because they're cupped in, but could also be considered a vase. Although shown in an old Cambridge catalog as the base of an oil lamp, the late Bob Gallo pointed out several similarities to Millersburg patterns. The base and stem, for example, are the same as that of the Hobstar and Feather rosebowl. In addition, Bob reported that a shard had been found in the Millersburg dump.

Hartung Book Eight: Venetian

Rosebowl, giant

Green, 325, 650, 4,900 (all 2018), 1,300 (2020)

Marigold, 425 (2019), 975 (2020)

Updated 12/29/2022

This is the only other shape in the pattern of which I've heard. It's a marigold butter dish (with polishing on the base) that sold for $210 in 2012. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.