Greengard Furniture, Millersburg

Rare advertising piece known in three double-handgrip plates, one single-handgrip plate, and the ruffled bowl shown here--all amethyst. The complete lettering reads "Greengard Furniture Co, 11020 Mich. Ave, Roseland, Ill."

One double-handgrip plate sold in 2001 for $5,500 and another in 2003 for $7,000. In 2009, the handgrip plate brought $12,000. In 2012, a double-handgrip plate brought $8,500.

In 2017, a double handgrip plate in amethyst sold for $11,500 and the ruffled bowl brought $9,000.

In 2020, a single handgrip plate in amethyst sold for $110.

In 2021, a double-handgrip plate in amethyst sold for $7,000.

Updated 10/13/2021

From The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces,
by John Resnik, 1989.

"One of the interestng tidbits that has surfaced during my research, is that you have a much better chance of obtaining information from a small town than you do when dealing with a major city. This item is a case in point. The city of Chicago could only provide an obituary and a phone listing in response to my query regarding Greengard. However, I believe I have been able to construct a reasonable facsimile of history from this rather sparse data.

Max Greengard arrived in the Chicago area in 1885. Sometime between then and 1889 he opened a retail furniture store at 11020 Michigan Ave., Roseland, Illinois. Roseland, at that time, was a suburb of Chicago and was annexed to the city in 1889. Around 1928, the company moved to 3400 S. Halsted St. and changed their name to: M. Greengard and Sons. The company was still in business as recently as 1974."