Alphabetical Listing, F
Fairy Light
Falling Stars
Fan, Dugan
Fancy Flowers
Fancy Loops toothpick holder
Fantasy Bird vase
Feathers vase
Feather and Heart
Feather Stitch
Feather Swirl
Feathered Arrow
Feathered Rays
Feathered Serpent
Feldman Brothers Furniture
Fentonia, Fentonia Fruits
Fenton's Drapery
Fenton's Ribs Tumbler
Fenton Flute vase
Fenton Panel vase
Fenton's Flowers
Fern, Fenton
Fern, Northwood
Fern Brand Chocolates
Fern Panels
Fieldflower Vase
Field Thistle
Figure of "Peg"
File type
File and Fan
Filigree vase
Fine Crosshatch lamp shade
Fine Cut Flower
Fine Cut Ovals
Fine Cut Rings
Fine Cut and Roses
Fine Rib vases, Fenton
Fine Rib vases, Northwood
Fine Rib, footed vases
Firefly candlesticks
Fir Cones spittoon
Fircone tumbler
Fircone vase
Firestone ashtray
Fish bowl
Fish Figure
Fish and Lotus Mug
Fish paperweight
Fish vases
Fish Head Vase
Fisherman's Mug
Fishnet, Dugan
Fishnet vases
Fishscale and Beads
Five Forty Nine candlesticks
Five Hearts
Five Seven Three (Fenton)
Five Zero One (501), Dugan
Flashing Star
Fleur de Lis, mug, Higbee
Fleur de Lis, Imperial
Fleur de Lis, Inwald
Fleur de Lis, Millersburg
Fleur de Lis Mini Lamp
Flora, Sowerby
Floral and Diamond Band
Floral and Grape
Floral and Optic
Floral and Wheat
Floral Sunburst
Florentine candleholders
Flowering Dill
Flowering Vine
Flower Star
Flower and Diamond
Flowers and Beads
Flowers and Frames
Flowers and Spades
Fluffy Peacock
Flute, Fenton, vases
Flute, Imperial
Flute #393, Imperial
Flute, Millersburg
Flute, Northwood
Flute, Westmoreland
Flute, unknown tankard
Flute and Cane
Flute and Rings
Fluted Scrolls
Fly Catcher
Folding Fan
Footed Prism Panels vase
Footed Shells
Forty Niner
Forum candlesticks
Four Flowers
Four Flowers variant
Four Pillars vases
Four Seventy Three
Four Seventy Four
Freefold vases
Freehand vases
French Knots
Frit Vases
Frog candy container
Frog, Fenton
Frolicking Bears
Frosted Block
Fruits and Flowers
Fruit Band
Fruit Basket
Fruit Salad
Fuchsia, Fenton
Fuchsia, Northwood

Updated 9/12/2022