Industria Argentina Star, Cristalerias Papini

The pattern is composed of flower-like stars separated by small plumes. The shapes shown above are this 6-inch vase with the lettering "INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA" moulded into its side, a small bowl, and a 15-inch chop plate. All the known pieces in this pattern were fashioned from one or more the these three moulds, and all in marigold,

Other known shapes, all marigold, are:
Small plate: from the same mould as the small bowl.

Large bowl (10.5-inch): from the same mould as the chop plate.

Cake plate: a production-line piece comprised of the chop plate, setting on the upside-down vase shown above. This was obviously a secondary use for the vase, as when used as a base the "INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA" moulded into its side is upside-down.

Fruit bowl and base: uses the same two moulds as the cake plate, but with the cake plate fashioned into the large bowl. The marie of the chop plate/bowl was made to fit into the base of the vase.

Vases 6-inch

200 (2007), 110 (2020)

Chop plates 15-inch

250 (2016), $50 (2020)

Fruit bowl and base

400 (2007), 550 (2020)
Fruit bowl and base: Photo courtesy of Wroda Auctions.

Last updated 12/3/2022