Frisco, Beaded Teardrops, Fostoria

This is a 5-inch marigold vase that brought $165 in 2021.

Also in 2021, a reader informed me that this is actually Fostoria's Frisco pattern. I found a site showing pieces of that pattern, including the one below. While this one has a round base, some have the same footed base as shown at the left.

In 2001, Erika Bree, a long time collector of this pattern, sent me the following information and images of her many vases in this pattern:

Fostoria introduced the Frisco line in 1903, it was discontinued in 1905. There was a 3.5 inch vase, and a 6 inch vase, these are what the bud vase are that was in your original documentation of the beaded teardrops (which, I show no documentation of, I wish I knew where that name came from).

The Frisco line was reintroduced in part in 1969, as well. I have yet to find a catalog page to represent the colors in the reintroduced however I have ruby and azure blue, the centennial 2 collection was ruby clear and cobalt, which does not clarify when azure blue came about. I have yet to figure the dates all out, but I am friends with a group of collectors working to save the original documentation from glass companies, so I have faith one day we will know.

Now to get into the milk glass Frisco, reintroduced clear/ruby/cobalt Frisco (and add in the azure and the topaz vase you found) and fostoria heirloom: fostoria reused molds, as it was more cost effective than to create new ones. Frisco came out with the bud vase and the larger Frisco vase and oddly enough I know there was more than one mold because the bases on mine are 2 different ones. (Included photos for documentation purposes)

Ruby is clearly from 1969, but when azure and topaz were produced, I have no idea. However you have found photographic documentation of topaz, and I own azure.

The milk glass versions of Frisco in white milk glass were produced the longest, 1954-1965. Fostoria called their pink and blue milk glass peach and aqua, respectively. (Photos also included) They reintroduced 5 items in the milk glass coloring: candy jar and cover, spoon holder, toothpick, 6" vase and 10" vase.

The centennial 2 collection was produced in 1970-1972 according to Fostoria tableware 1944-1986 by Milbra Long and Emily Seate. Some were even offered as lead crystal items after those dates. (Which is where all of the clear Frisco candy jars come from with the acid etch on the base) BUT... the Frisco vases (10", swung. Like the larger smooth base vase you found) are not shown at all, so there are holes in the documentation, undoubtedly.

Now to my favorite collection: Fostoria heirloom. Fostoria heirloom was introduced in 1959. They were introduced in pink, blue, yellow, white and green opalescent, and ruby and bittersweet (orange) were not opalescent. It is interesting to note that I am actually in the midst of correcting a very old (older than me but found on the internet) article about heirloom that has been determined to have incorrect info. However in order to complete the heirloom line, Fostoria used the Frisco line, the Lucere (1515 line number) line, and the colonial prism (2183 line) among others.

The Frisco bud vase mold is the only Frisco item brought over to the Fostoria heirloom pattern.

Updated 10/6/2021