Flute, Millersburg
While the two shapes known in this pattern, the vase and compote, seem quite different, they are in fact both referred to as Flute. The vases have a 4-inch base with a multirayed star. These two were photographed while in separate collections. In 2009, an amethyst 8-inch vase sold for $5,000 and in 2010, a 9-inch vase in blue brought $4,750.

In 2017, a 10-inch vase in blue sold for $7,200 and an 8 inch vase in purple sold for $6,500.

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Updated 10/16/2021


Marigold, 1,000, 2,100 (both 2021), 600 (2022)

Purple, signed Krys-Tol, 400 (2003)

Purple, 5.500 (2014), 4,900 (2021)