File and Fan, Westmoreland

This pattern is seen only in this smallish (about 6 inches across) compote. The pattern is on the exterior, the iridescence on the inside. Most are ruffled. Note the similarity to Dugan's Folding Fan. This same File and Fan mold is still being used to make miniature punch bowls and rosebowls.

Hartung Book Five: File and Fan


Blue opal, 40, 65, 110 (all 2019), 185 (2021), 40 (2022)

Blue opal, flattened to cake plate shape, 215 (2000)

Marigold, 65 (1994)

Marigold on milk glass, 30, 40 (both 2021), 30, 35 (both 2022)

Peach opal, 10, 40 (both 2018), 10, 15 (both 2019)

Writing in the September 2010 issue of the ICGA Pump, Barb Chamberlain says: The File and Fan pattern is attributed to Westmoreland Glass Company. It is not an easily found pattern and comes in basically one shape, the compote. The pattern is an all exterior pattern that covers the underside of the bowl, the stem, and the top of the foot. The elegantly shaped base has eight scallops. This pattern bears a similarity to Dugan's Folding Fan pattern, but if you see the scalloped base, then you will know it is File and Fan. The top of the bowl sports twelve large scallops.

These compotes can be either ruffled or ice cream shape, but it is reported on Doty's and Carnival 101's websites that most are ruffled. They can be found in peach opal, marigold, marigold on milk glass, or like this one, a deep Caribbean blue -- not a hint of aqua. The color is generally blue opal. This blue opal is a color that Westmoreland used fairly frequently when they made their relatively small amount of Carnival Glass.

There is at least one whimsied piece. The compote was flattened into a small cake plate shape. This has reportedly sold in the blue opal color.

Our compote measures about six and one-half inches top diameter by about three and one-fourth inches tall. As you can see in the photo, it is an aptly named piece that features sections of files, with fans extending the pattern on the top and bottom of the bowl. Also found in the pattern are sections that feature a type of boxed star design.

Updated 12/1/2022