Floral and Diamond Band, US Glass

When Mrs. Hartung wrote about this pattern in Book Eight, she didn't realize that the pattern was actually a Depression Glass pattern named Floral and Diamond Band, produced by US Glass in the mid to late 1920s. She thought it was the older Diamond and Daisy Cut pattern produced by Jenkins.

Some twenty years later John Britt wrote an article on the Diamond and Daisy Cut pattern, compounding the error that both patterns were named Diamond and Daisy Cut but that the patterns were also known as Floral and Diamond Band. Bob Smith used that article for reference in his article (see below).

Floral and Diamond Band green and pink Depression Glass shapes include water sets with 4-inch tumblers and 5-inch iced tea tumblers, bowls, nappies, compotes, table sets, breakfast sets, sherbets, and 8-inch luncheon plates.

Iridized Floral and Diamond Band shapes, all found thus far in marigold, include the 8-inch water pitcher, 4-inch tumblers and 5-inch iced tea tumblers, and a butter dish. Photo courtesy of Wroda Auctions.

Hartung Book Seven: Diamond and Daisy Cut
Hartung Book Eight: Diamond and Daisy Cut

Water sets

Marigold, 7 piece, 40 (2020), 35, 45 (both 2021)

Marigold, 8 piece, 205 (2005)

Water pitchers

Marigold, 55 (2007), 25 (2012)

Pitcher, 8 inch

Marigold, 135 (2008)

Tumblers, 4 inch

Marigold, 10 (2019), 10, 20 (both 2020)

Tumblers, 5-inch iced tea tumblers

Marigold, 10 (2019)

This article was published in the August 2004 issue of the HOACGA newsletter.

Last updated 12/13/2021