Fircone, Riihimaki (Finland)

Known in a pitcher as well as the 3 1/4 inch tumbler. Rare. This light blue example is courtesy of Bob Smith (it sold at his tumbler auction in 2019 for $265). The pattern is unrelated to the vase of the same name. Blue tumblers sold in 1999 for $275, in 2000 for $350, and 2001 for $400.

In 2012, a blue tumbler with a pinpoint on the base brought $675.

In 2007, a blue water pitcher in this pattern sold for $300.

In 2020, a marigold tumbler sold for $225.

This 3 1/2-inch tall sugar in blue sold in 2019 for $225.

This 2 1/2-inch tall spittoon in marigold sold for $300 in 2019.

Updated 7/1/2020