Asian Paradise Fly Catcher

These photos were sent to me by Glenda Jackman. They're of an amethyst compote with an unusual pattern of birds and foilage. She asked if I knew anything about the pattern, which I didn't. Glenda also mentioned that she had seen the same pattern on ceramic dishes which were identified as Asian Paradise Fly Catcher.

I sent to the photos to the wwwcga mailing list and got a response from Glen Thistlewood who said she had written something on it back in 2004 mentioning that Australian collector Ray Rogers had also come across the pattern and he referred to it as "Bird and Pomegranate." Interestingly, he also had seen the china dishes with the pattern. Nobody seems to have any idea about the maker. I think it has many aspects of Australian Carnival though some folks think it has characteristics of Dugan.