Fenton's Ribs

The article below was published in the April 2005 issue of the HOACGA newsletter.

Fenton's Ribs Tumbler
By Bob Smith

Among some carnival collectors you can get a discussion going as to whether this tumbler is actually a Fenton product or not. Some dealers tend to think that this might have been made by Jeannette. I am not one of those who share such doubts, although I have not seen it in any Fenton catalogs.

This is the exact tumbler (minus the two stippled fish scale bands) as the Fenton Scale Bands tumbler. Right down to the 24 interior ribs inside the glass. It has the exact dimensions as the Scale Band tumbler. This tumbler is a rich marigold color, whereas the Scale Band also comes in marigold, plus rare blue and green examples.

There are far fewer of the Fenton's Ribs to be found than the regular Scale Band tumblers. I tend to think that some of these were produced before someone had the afterthought that the addition of the two bands would improve the design. That is debateable. The measurements for the tumbler (and for the Scale Band tumblers) are: 4 inches high, 3 1/8-inch rim and a 2 7/8- inch base. Happy Hunting!