Vases: Ribs, Panels, Flutes
Also see: The Human Figure   Hobs, Knobs, and Bullseyes   Birds   Loop, Swirls, Drapes

Thumbprint-type   Diamonds, Basketweave, Lattice   Ribs, Panels, Flutes   Geometric

European  Whimsies

Australian Gum Tips

Butterfly and Berry

Circle Scroll, Dugan

Colonial Lady, Imperial

Columbia, Imperial

Concave Flute, Westmoreland

Corinth, Westmoreland

Curled Rib, Imperial

Diamond Point Columns, Fenton

Diamond and Rib, Fenton

Feathers, Northwood

Fenton Panels

File, Imperial

Flute, Fenton

Flute, Imperial

Flute, Millersburg

Flute, Northwood

Four Pillars, Northwood

Freefold, Imperial

Gothic Arches, Imperial

Leaf Columns, Northwood

Many Ribs

Morning Glory, Imperial

Optic, Diamond

Nine Sixteen, Fenton

Paneled Diamonds & Bows, Fenton

Parlor Panels, Imperial

Pillar Flute, Imperial

Plume Panels, Fenton

Rib and Panel

Ring Optic, Fenton

Ripple, Imperial

Smooth Panels, Imperial

Spiralex, Diamond

Ten Thirteen R, Dugan

Thin Panel, Dugan

Thin Rib, Northwood

Thin Rib and Drape, Imperial

Wide Rib, Dugan
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