Diamond Point Columns, Fenton
This pattern has alternating panels of vertical ribs and diamonds. The vase is found in only a 3 1/2 inch base. Heights are normally between 7 and 12 inches with squatty versions down to 5 inches, though there is one unswung example known that is less than 4 1/2 inches tall. Fenton made a similar vase pattern called Nine Sixteen that also has vertical ribs and diamonds. Northwood's Diamond Point vases have a pattern of just diamonds.

Fenton Vases--Variations on a Theme, Part Three here.


Amethyst, 15, 20 (both 2016), 25, 50 (2022)

Amethyst, 6 3/4 inches, 45 (2003)

Blue, none known. Those listed as blue in this pattern are probably Nine Sixteen.

Green, 13, 50 (both 2014), 15, 20, 40 (all 2021)

Green, 6-7 inches, 40 (2016), 60 (2017)

Lime green, 13 (2012), 10 (2016)

Marigold, 13 (2016), 15 (2020)

Marigold, 7 inches or less, 15 (2021), 15 (2022)

Vaseline, 80 (1996)

Hartung Book 1: Diamond Point Columns

Updated 11/27/2022

Among Fenton's first carnival patterns, Diamond Point Columns is also occasionally found in variously shaped bowls, usually in marigold, worth about $25.

While the smaller bowls use the same mould as the vases, some of the larger bowls use a larger mould, with the pattern adjusted accordingly. Mrs Hartung inadvertently named the larger bowls Diamond and File. Mr. Fenton has confirmed that they were both from the same pattern line.