Gothic Arches Vases, Imperial

Named by Smokey Cloud and first announced in Edwards, these dramatic Imperial vases come in one base size, 4 inches, and three colors: marigold and two shades of smoke, a golden smoke and a smoke shade Imperial named "Saphire." The marigold examples are usually tall but can be found anywhere from 10 to 17 inches. All the smoke examples I have seen, both golden smoke and Saphire smoke, have been 10 to 11 inches tall.

"Saphire" (sic) was a production-line color for Imperial, described in their Bargain Book catalog as, "A dark blue-gray iridescent color on crystal glass. An entirely new, expensive looking effect."

Not as scarce as they were once thought to be, approximately equal numbers can be found in marigold and smoke.

These vases were reissued by Imperial in ice blue and yellow.

Marigold, 80, 120, 190 (all 2021), 50 (2022)

Smoke, 650, 775, 800 (2018), 625 (2020)

Smoke, minor flaws, 250 (2016), 165 (2018)

Gothic Arches reissue

Updated 12/5/2022