Vases Whimsies

These whimsies were either made from vase molds and modified into unusual forms or were made from non-vase molds and turned into vases.

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Thumbprint-type   Diamonds, Basketweave, Lattice   Ribs, Panels, Flutes   Geometric   European

Featured Articles

Apple Tree, Fenton

Country Kitchen, Millersburg

Daisy Wreath, Westmoreland

Diamond and Rib, Fenton

Grape and Cable, Northwood (from cologne bottle)

Grape and Cable, Northwood (from hatpin holder)

Hobstar and Feather, Millersburg

Ohio Star, Millersburg

Orange Tree, Fenton

Orange Tree Orchard, Fenton

Paneled Dandelion, Fenton

Tornado, Northwood

Wisteria, Northwood

Blackberry Open Edge, Fenton
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