Alphabetical Listing, G
Garden Mums
Garden Path and variant
Garland and Bows
Gay Nineties
General Furniture
Geo. W. Getts (lettered)
Gevurtz Bros Furniture (lettered)
Giant Lily vase
Giant Pagoda vase
Glass in Metal Holders
Globus (Moonprint)
Glorious Tumbler
Goddess of Athena, Athena
Goddess of Harvest
Goddess vase
God and Home
God's Hand
Gold Band Lamp
Golden Blackberries, Golden Pansies,
   Golden Plums, Golden Thistle.

Golden Boy with Swan
Golden Carp
Golden Cupid
Golden Flute vase
Golden Grape
Golden Harvest
Golden Lobster
Golden Oxen mugs
Golden Thistle
Golden Wedding bottles
Goldfish bowl
Golpher ashtray
Good Luck, Fenton
Good Luck, Northwood
Good Luck enameled bowl
Gothic Arches vases
Graceful pitcher/tumbler
Graceful vases
Grand Piano
Grand Thistle
Grape Arbor, Dugan
Grape Arbor, Northwood
Grape and Cable, Fenton
Grape and Cable, Northwood
Bowls, plates, berry sets
Fruit bowls and banana boats
Water sets, pitchers, tumblers, and hats
Humidors, cookie jars, compotes, sweetmeats
Dresser sets, table sets, and breakfast sets (including hatpin holders)
Centerpiece bowls, ferneries
Bonbons, cups and saucers, candlesticks,

Punch sets and whiskey sets
Grape and Cable variant
Grape and Cable whimsies
Grape and Cable spittoon from humidor
Grape and Cable sherbets
Grape and Cable vases
Grape and Cherry
Grape and Lattice
Grape Delight
Grape Frieze
Grape and Gothic Arches
Grape Leaves, Millersburg
Grape Leaves, Northwood
Grape and Lotus
Grapevine Lattice
Grape Wreath
Grapes of Wrath
Grecian vases
Greek Key, Greek Key and Scales
Greek Key and Star
Greek Key lamp shade
Greengard Furniture (lettered)

Updated 1/19/2022